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The Meal-O-Meter Campaign. Counting…one and all.

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Share a link to help us provide meals.
With enough friends…we can feed the world.

The Sitewide Meal-O-Meter

You’ll see it in the upper right-hand corner
of every page. It shows the cumulative total
of all meals given. It is live, and is updated
in real time…every time you or your friends make a purchase.


What none of us can do alone, we can do together.
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How to magnify the impact of your purchase…DRAMATICALLY

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your Personal Meal-O-Meter will increase as friends participate.
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Share the story. Continue to repost. Help end hunger.
The journey of a thousand meals begins with one step
click your favorite social media icon, post a special link, and see your numbers rise.

How does my Personal Meal-O-Meter know my friends have helped?

Each post you generate from this page includes a special link.

Friends who use your special link will add 30 meals to your Personal Meal-O-Meter when they buy this download.*

*Meal data is reported anonymously to your Personal Meal-O-Meter, as well as to the sitewide MEAL-O-METER in real time. Number of meals given
is determined by which product is purchased.

Post often: it makes all the difference.