Make a real, tangible and measurable difference

Each purchase at End Hunger Records helps Chef Bruno serve healthy and delicious meals to kids in need. Every single day, he prepares special yummy plates of food kids love!

Caterina’s Club

The charity he named after his beloved Mamma Caterina, coordinates the distribution of these meals. To date Chef Bruno has provided two million meals to kids. At EHR, our goal is to help those numbers rise higher and higher, so that someday soon, no child goes hungry again.

The kind of food you’d be happy to eat

We wanted to find a way to get real, hot, nutritious and delicious meals to underprivileged kids. Thanks to Sir Bruno Serato and Caterina’s Club, that’s become a reality. Not everyone gets to enjoy a meal made by a celebrity chef, CNN Hero and humanitarian. Yet, the lucky children Chef Bruno serves have a chance to do just that!

Nothing can stop The Power of Pasta

Renowned owner of the Anaheim Whitehouse Restaurant, Chef Bruno never stops working his heart out for children. Even when tragedy struck and his beloved landmark restaurant burned to the ground, he never flinched! “The kids come first,” said he. And though his restaurant was still smoldering from a catastrophic fire, that very same night he actually fed 3000 children. Wow. Now you know why we endorse and support Chef Bruno and his charity!

We are humbled to be associated with this wonderful human being, who is teaching us every day what it means to serve selflessly.  And fortunately for us, Chef Bruno has shared his amazing story in his bestselling new book The Power of Pasta. Please join us in spreading the word and helping to make a difference, one child at a time. Thank you.