Make a Real, Tangible and Measurable Difference

Each purchase at End Hunger Records provides nutritious meals to children in dire need. Your downloads support our chosen charity, the Annapoorna Breakfast Programme.

Children whose pangs of hunger once stole away their attention during class are now able to listen and focus. They are able to concentrate. Previously hungry students are finally receiving a much-needed daily breakfast at school.

Feed a Child to Change the World

The ripple effect caused by feeding hungry schoolchildren is simply breathtaking. As children become successful learners, their potential is unlocked. They grow into contributing members of society. An educated child is often a family’s only hope of climbing out of the depths of multigenerational poverty. And when families begin to prosper, so do their communities.

Society is transformed by educating children. That is the master plan. And it all begins with a meal.

The Annapoorna Breakfast Programme

The Annapoorna Trust, a registered Indian charity, provides meals to some of the most impoverished communities on the planet. This program is so successful that it is rapidly expanding in poverty-stricken rural communities.

In Sanskrit, Annapoorna means “giver of food and nourishment.” Living up to its name, the Annapoorna Breakfast Programme has provided 50 million meals to date. Currently, the program feeds 400,000 children every morning at school, five days per week.

At EHR, our goal is to help those numbers rise so that someday soon, no child goes to school hungry ever!

Many Meals Per Download

Our mission is to help as many hungry children as possible, as quickly as we can.

We searched the world over, to find an ideal organization to help us achieve our goal, and found the perfect partnership with Annapoorna Trust.

To reach more children, we looked for a program that could provide high-quality nutrition at a low cost. Location was not an issue because hungry children deserve food, wherever they may live, and no matter their circumstances.

As logic dictates and the heart knows, the more children we feed, and the sooner we feed them, the better our world will be.

Thanks to Annapoorna Breakfast Programme’s prudent operating procedures and exceptionally low administrative costs (just 2.5 % of budget), we are able to provide many meals to children with each download you purchase.

Leveraging Milk Into Meals

Through a creative partnership with the Government of India, as well as working with corporations and individuals, Annapoorna Trust has created a three-phase program to end hunger in poverty-stricken schoolchildren: first, a protein shake is provided, next, hot meals are introduced twice weekly, and ultimately, daily hot meals are provided.

The power of a few pennies wisely invested can be dramatic. This is exemplified by Annapoorna Trust’s strategic multiphase approach.

Three-Phase Breakfast Program

Schools start with Breakfast Phase One. Many schools have transitioned to Phase Two or Phase Three. Many more will follow.

Breakfast Phase One – Annapoorna Protein Mix

At End Hunger Records, we are supporting Breakfast Phase One.

Throughout India, impoverished children receive a government-provided glass of milk for breakfast at school. Unfortunately, this is not enough to sustain them until the government lunch is provided.

Breakfast Phase One leverages that milk program. With Annapoorna Protein Mix, a simple glass of milk instantly becomes a life-sustaining meal providing half of the minimum daily requirements for nutrition.

This nutritionist-formulated protein powder, allows the school staff to transform a glass of milk into a healthy shake containing thirty grams of protein plus vitamins, iron, and other important micronutrients.

Breakfast Phase One is dramatically improving outcomes at schools and reaching schoolchildren, five days a week.

Breakfast Phase Two – Introducing Hot Meals

After a year of serving Annapoorna Protein Shakes, the school is predictably thrilled with results. They readily commit to introducing hot breakfasts. This is when Annapoorna Trust initiates Breakfast Phase Two.

Higher cost hot meals are introduced to the school, two days per week (the protein shakes continue). This inspires local government, corporate sponsors, private sponsors, and community volunteers to embrace the importance of a hot meal program.

Once the community is involved, Breakfast Phase Two is able to operate on a practical level and prepare for the next step. Currently, Phase Two provides hot meals to 5,000 children two days per week at school.

Breakfast Phase Three – Daily Hot Meals

Thus far, the school and community have successfully coordinated hot meals two days per week. Under the guidance and support of the Annapoorna Trust, Breakfast Phase Three is initiated.

By this point, the children, the teachers, and the community are clamoring for daily hot meals at school. Seeds sown in Phase One, sprout in Phase Two, and come to fruition in Breakfast Phase Three.

Each phase leads to the next. Stepwise growth builds sustainability. Phase Three culminates with daily hot breakfast. It dramatically reinforces health and success in class. Currently, Breakfast Phase Three provides hot meals to 25,000 children, five days per week at school.

Incremental Success Leads to Major Success

The wisdom of implementing a three-phase program is clear. It resolves immediate hunger problems until a sustainable hot breakfast program can be implemented, it is designed to grow at a practical pace, and it involves the community to ensure long-term success.

With the support of people like you, through a simple purchase of an album or audiobook, we can make a tangible and measurable difference in the lives of innocent children. We can transform the world one meal at a time.

Please join us. Help us provide meals through the Annapoorna Breakfast Programme with your purchase today! Thank you.