We Believe in the Human Right to Food

EHR Philosophy:

Alone we may feed a few – together we can feed many.

The easiest thing to share is an idea. And we need your help sharing this one: together we can end hunger. Though a single purchase is how this journey begins, the road that leads to ending hunger cannot be walked alone.

You’re the leader of your social network. Use your voice and your network to make a difference. Tell your friends about End Hunger Records.

EHR Perspective:

  1. There is enough food in the world to feed everyone.
  2. It’s time to purchase and distribute that food to end hunger.
  3. If a member of our immediate family is hungry, we feed them.
  4. 800 million members of our human family are hungry. This is unacceptable.
  5. We must find the will to help those who cannot help themselves.


  • This is a movement driven by performance metrics.
  • We want to inspect what we expect. And we’ve got great expectations.
  • We measure success with a tool we call the MEAL-O-METER.
  • It shows objective progress in real time.
  • There are two versions:
    • The sitewide MEAL-O-METER shows the cumulative total of all meals provided.
    • The Personal Meal-O-Meter displays how many meals your purchase has provided.
      • It also tracks and shows how many meals you’ve inspired others to provide.

Post your Personal Meal-O-Meter for your friends, and you will see your influence in action. Lead your social network and help us end hunger.